Jeff Cobb aka JT Cobb playing at the launch of Red Wheelbarrow at Eno House Artists' Den

JT Cobb

Singer | Songwriter

Jeff “JT” Cobb is (among other things) a Carrboro, NC-based singer-songwriter.


I wrote my first songs way back in high school. I was a drummer at the time, so had to rely on my guitar-playing band mates to put them to music. Fortunately for all of us, they are lost to history.

Later, when I had to get rid of the drum set, I started playing guitar, and that’s been my primary instrument ever since, the one I use for composing most songs (with some occasional piano thrown in).

If I had to name a primary influence, it would probably be John Prine, but I draw on many sources for inspiration, from everyday life to my background in not quite completing a doctoral degree in comparative literature. I’ll let you figure out how that all works out in the songs.


I’m sitting in a hotel, trying to write a song. My head is just as empty as the day is long.

– John Prine

Contact for Booking

I am available to play. Just drop me a line if you are interested.

Crowd far too big to be actually watching Jeff Cobb - maybe someday!