Red Wheelbarrow Pre-Save

Thanks for pre-saving Red Wheelbarrow. Scroll down this page for some early/bonus content – and stay tuned for the full album release on April 8!

Cover of Red Wheelbarrow by JT Cobb. Painting by Jose Rogelio Calvo

Above is the album cover, featuring a painting by my friend Rogelio Calvo. Be sure to check out his work.

Here’s Dollar to a Pound, the single from the Album. You can also find this on Spotify:

Here’s a full listing of the songs you’ll find on the record. There are live recordings of some of these on this site. They’ve all been polished quite a bit since the live recordings and the studio recordings for Red Wheelbarrow include other musicians, so they sound quite different on the album.

  1. Song of Joy
  2. Dollar to a Pound (Live)
  3. Green Shadowed People (After Philip Larkin)
  4. Red Wheelbarrow (After William Carlos Williams)
  5. Bigger on the Inside (The Doctor’s Blues) (Live)
  6. Laughin’ on the Ground
  7. Wonderland (Live)
  8. Cheap Philosophy Book (Live)
  9. Let’s Just Face It
  10. The Longing
  11. Tree of Life
  12. Why I Sing this Song

Here’s an unmastered, alternate version of Bigger on the Inside. I was torn about which one to put on the record, but ended up going with a version that has less reverb and a bit less of the “spacey” guitar sound.