Bigger On the Inside (Live)

The TARDIS is tired, or maybe just weary,
From traveling down infinite roads
And though I keep smiling, I’m growing leery
Of making a dent in this world

I’ve cried like an angel and stared to the distance
Out on the edges of time
But I somehow keep going, against all resistance,
No knowing what I will find

As I fade …. away into another dimension
Of time and space, a victim of my own intention
To rule a world …… that’s bigger on the inside

So many companions have traveled beside me
It’s hard to remember them well
Or ponder the worlds where they never existed
In stories that I’ll never tell

Rose has grown old – she was always my favorite
But always is a relative term
I long to see her, but I’d see myself trying
And see clearly I never learn
So, I fade away …

Maybe I’m just lonely
Maybe time will tell
Maybe there’s somebody
Out there for me

extra verse – not in this recording
The time will arrive for regeneration
I’m not sure how that makes me feel
To cycle through ceaseless reincarnations
Is starting to lose its appeal

Oh, TARDIS, I’m tired. My soul has grown weary
From traveling down infinite roads
And my smile can’t hide that I’m going crazy
From making a dent in this world

But I’ll fade away …

© Jeff Cobb

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