Song of Joy (Live)

Spring green lawn, after the rain
Lyin’ in bed, feeling no pain
As the last drops fall from the oak leaves
On to the hard tin roof

I’ve got nothing to do today
And I don’t think I would anyway
If you don’t think there’s something bigger
Well, here’s your proof

‘Cause this is my song of joy
A full-grown man feeling like a little boy
I’ll make the world my oyster for today
And that makes you my pearl
So climb beside me, let’s go for a whirl
And not waste the chance for life to feel this way.

The week I had drained my soul
Wore me out, made me feel old
And I don’t think that I ever care
To repeat it

But that’s behind me, I won’t look back
No need to dwell on what I lack
Stand me up any monster
And I’ll defeat it


Too many times all we feel is the burden
Of what went wrong and everything
That’s hurtin’ inside
Sometimes you just gotta sit back and enjoy the ride

Years from now when my light fades
I hope I’ll think back on today
And feel the thrill of life
rush right through me

Look in my eyes and you will see
A man standing in the light of freedom
And let that be the way
You always knew me


© Jeff Cobb

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